While influenced by Iceland’s natural wonders, ROK draws its key inspiration from the country‘s dynamic weather conditions, which colour Iceland‘s glaciers, waterfalls, sands and mountains in vibrancy and animation.  Icelandic has many words to describe it‘s weather, where perhaps the most frequently used word is „rok“ meaning a gail or a storm.  As inhabitants on a volcanic island isolated in the middle of the North Atlantic, Icelanders are greatly accustomed to enduring the harsh elements.  From the earliest settlement of the Papar, Celtic monks who reached Iceland around 1200 years ago, Icelanders have always been on nature‘s front step.  As both predominant symbol in Celtic culture and as a naturally occurring spin in the weather systems, the ROK spiral is a tribute to Icelander‘s connection to and endurance within nature‘s harsh revolutions.

Ceramic bowls, vases, balls and cups in various sizes by Sigga Berndsen.