The florestry Upplifun, Books and Flowers was founded by Arni Einarsson and Omar Ellertsson.  Gudmundur Thorvardarson and Villi Gudjonsson joined them in ownership in June 2013 when the shop opened its door to business.

The name of the shop Upplifun, translates in English to Experience.  The goal of the shop is to create an experience for all our senses.  The beauty of the flowers and gift items as well as its display, fragrance of fresh flowers, beautiful soft music for the ear and books for the mind

Our florists, Gudmundur and Omar have decades of experience in florestry and are constantly getting further education in florestry.

Upplifun - Books and Flowers
Harpa, Austurbakka 2
101 Reykjavík
Tel: +354 561 2100

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IBAN: IS150101262222245406100610