To plan a conference or an event is a very demanding project were the smallest of details make all the difference.  There is a lot more emphasizes on visual experience today than it used to be.  A whole concept needs to be made in regards to the design of the event where colours, textures, form, shape of the venue and general layout is planned in details.  The best way to ensure that everything comes together perfectly is to contact us on early stages in the planning process.  Being involved early gives us the opportunity to make your event very special when it comes to design and arrangement of the flower decorations.

Event check list

  • What areas do you want decorated and what parts of it do you want to the most focus on
  • Any special colours or type of flowers
  • Any considerations needs regarding logo or other colours
  • Do we need to coordinate colours in regards to invitations, program or other printed material
  • Theme of the event
  • Number of guests
  • Table settings and layout of the venue
  • Flowers or bouquets for special guests, musicians, prize winner etc.
  • When and what time do the flower decorations need to be in place
  • When and what time can we remove the decorations, vases and fixtures
  • Contacts and telephone number of the venue coordinator

Do not hesitate to contact our florists.  They will assist you in making your event special.